Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hey Tony! What's it all about?

What about my human rights? That's what I wanna know.

When a bunch of guys hijacked a plane and flew it here, they were promptly arrested, tried and convicted. But when they tried to send them back to where they came from - it was said that this was an infringment of their human rights - and so they're still here. I think?

Alright. Maybe there are some very good reasons why these hikackers don't want to be sent home. Obviously, if home is such a great place then they wouldn't have hijacked the plane in the first place - I guess. And I'm not actually saying that they should be sent home.

The point I am trying to make is this. What about my human rights? The rights of an ordinary bloke who works, pays his taxes and never hijacks planes. I mean. All I want to do is go out on a Friday night - have a smoke - a drink - and play cards. What's so terrible about that?

As we know, smoking is to be banned virtually everywhere, come the summer. They're not even gonna let us have smoking areas in pubs and clubs. I ask you. What would be so terrible about having some pubs and restaurants that allow smoking and some that don't. I mean. People would be free to choose for themselves. Right?

And drinking? Well, at least we can still do that, for now - so long as we can afford to pay through the nose for the privilige. I mean. The taxes on alcohol are crazy. A pint of beer would probably cost about 15p if it wasn't for the duty.

Ok. I can understand them raising the duty on petrol. We've gotta to look as though we're doing something to protect the environment - even if everyone knows it won't make a scrap of difference all the time China, India and the USA couldn't give a toss. But, as far as I know, there's no evidence that drinking has added to the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, or that it has caused another hole in the ozone layer.

And. Now. After the disgraceful verdict in the Derek Kelly case, it seems they don't want us to play cards either. Not unless we go to casinos run by a small cartel of big boys, who've had it cushty for too long, treat their players like dirt and don't want any competition thank you very much.

Hey Tony! What's it all about? Things can only get better - you said. Instead, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Abroad, stuck in a war we should never have started in the first place, we spend billions on arms, while millions starve, or die from aids.

And at home, our civil liberties are eroded daily. I mean. You can't drive your car, go shopping, or break wind without it being caught on camera, these days. You can't peacefully protest against unjust laws within half a mile of the place the laws are made. And. Soon, we'll all be carrying identity cards with our name, date of birth, A-level results and inside-leg measurements.

Nanny state? Stalag 13 - more like!

Alright. Answer me this one, Tony. You've been in power now for - I dunno - bluddy ages anyway. So. Why is it then that law still always favours the big guys with all the money and the little guy always gets screwed?

Is it because the laws are still being written by the big guys with all the money?

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